Days: 5 day shift (Wed-Sun / Sat-Wed)

Hours: 40hours per week approx

Rate of Pay: £7.20p/h Overtime: £9.00p/h

Minimum Age: 18 (Due to working time regulations)

English Requirement: Good English required

Job Description:
Duties include:
Stack products correctly in chills.
Ensure stock is rotated on a FIFO (First In, First Out) basis.
Daily stocktaking in chill storage.
Scan all crates on every pallet prior to despatch.
Check that correct number of crates on each pallet has been scanned and correct destination recorded.
Process relevant documentation for each consignment.
Load containers and ensure pallets have been scanned and checked prior to loading, enclosing documentation.
Other associated duties.
Maintain health, safety and hygiene standards in accordance with company rules and regulations.

Qualifications/ Experience:
Good English communication skills both written and oral due to health and safety regulations.
Previous experience would be beneficial but not essential.